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Best Dulux White

  • By Admin
  • 29/03/2023

Choosing the right Dulux white paint for your house can be quite tasking, and you’re not alone if you’re having trouble making a choice.

One of the most complex colors to choose is white paint, which can significantly impact the appearance of your space when done nicely.

Dulux has different shades of white paint, and since there are so many options, this article will go through the best Dulux white paints and everything you need to know about them.

#1 Natural White™

Dulux Natural White™ is the brightest of the warm whites produced by Dulux and is also their most demanded product.

Homeowners and professional decorators desire natural white since it has several benefits, including enhancing natural light, expanding the impression of compact space, and providing an ideal neutral background for various decorative styles.

It’s an excellent option for a pre-sale renovation since it’s dynamic when accessorized with plants and bright furnishings.

#2 Vivid White™

Dulux vivid white™ is a recommended paint for homeowners who desires to achieve a sleek and spotless appearance on their walls.

Its vibrant shade provides a sense of contemporary luxury in any environment. It is also suitable for application on walls, ceilings, and white cabinets.

Vivid White™ and other textures can be blended to create a stylish look. Professional painters incorporate highlighter colors like blush, pink, and light grey and often accomplish this by including artwork or a few colorful pieces of furniture.

#3 Whisper White

Whisper White is a warm white that looks stunning on old houses or traditional interiors. It has a calming effect on walls and exudes tranquility and serenity.

Without dominating, it will complement the rich tones of other elements, such as polished wood, beautiful patterns, and textures.

Whisper White, which Dulux calls ‘perfect ivory,’ complements a wide variety of color palettes and allows you to give your house a warm and inviting feel.

#4 Lexicon® Quarter

Lexicon® Quarter showcases cool undertones, similar to Lexicon full strength, and an even deeper blue shade.

It works well with modern decors and simple home designs that include just a few color schemes and furniture pieces with beautiful aesthetics.

It also works well in houses decorated in Scandi styles, which favors neutral colors like blue and grey.

The result displays a beautiful artwork over which you can overlay your personal touches. Using this color, you can also paint your walls, ceiling, and trim.

#5 Lexicon®

dulux lexicon white

Dulux Lexicon® is a fresh cool white, perfect for a modern home design. Its stunning white looks are unique to other materials, such as wood, brick, and concrete.

This shade reflects ample natural light or shows off your valuable artwork collection. Although, it might be too gloomy and gray in the shadows if there isn’t enough natural light.

#6 Antique White U.S.A.®

Used either in the interior or exterior of a home, Antique White U.S.A.® is a color that exudes warmth and welcome while showcasing intricate designs.

It has an air of cleanliness and clarity without coming off as clinical, and it adapts well to a wide range of environments. The Dulux Antique White U.S.A.® is a complete all-rounder that impresses professional painters.

#7 White on White™

Dulux White on White™ is a bright, energizing white with a touch of blue-grey that works well with warmer colors, accents, and furniture.

These coolers work well in contemporary houses with hardwood or concrete floors and hard surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can give your room a sense of warmth and crispness by decorating it with hardwoods, furnishings in pink tones, flowers, and plants.

In addition, architraves and skirting in a matching shade of white look fantastic, especially when set off by a dark background wall.

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