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Exterior Painting Adelaide

The Leaders at Exterior Painting

WOW Painting Adelaide specialises in exterior painting services of roofs, gutters, fascia, downpipes, walls, windows, doors, fence and concrete driveways. Our painting service offers a decorative upgrade to your property and protection from harsh Australian weather.

Our skilled painters will ensure you get top-notch exterior painting to make your house outside sparkle as well as unrivalled access to broad selections of eye-catching colour schemes. Our seasoned expert painters have years of experience and the necessary tools to deliver unmatched painting solutions.

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Exterior Painting Services

The Only Adelaide Painting Company That Does Complete Exterior Painting Services.

At WOW Painting we offer complete exterior painting services this includes powdered coating, epoxy spray Fine Finish Painting (FFP), concrete diamond grinding, crack bridging painting, industrial etching, and protective polyurethane two pack coating of metal, concrete and other surfaces.

As a leader in at exterior painting we guarantee your exterior painting job of quality and durability or you get your money refunded. Our painting process is transparent and professional. If there is one thing we want to leave you with at the end of the job is your “Satisfaction”

Planning an exterior painting can be complicated for some e.g. what signs should you look out for to know it’s time to call an experienced exterior painting company? Not knowing the right time to call a painting company could cause further damage to your building.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Here’s a look at some of the most common services we have on offer. Note that you’ll be getting 100% professional painting solutions regardless of the service you select:

Restoration painting

Has your building remained unoccupied for too long or has experienced overuse from tenants or relatives? WOW Painting Adelaide offers total restoration painting services to all clients, making sure their properties look good as new. If your building’s exterior has remained unattended to and requires express maintenance, we’ve got all the restoration tools you need.

Your building needs the following restoration painting services on offer to look good as new again:

Roof painting

Do you want your building’s roof to look brand new every time? You must get your property’s roof a brand-new coat of paint to reinforce it while adding to its overall appeal.

Roofs brushed with fresh strokes of quality paint will look good as new, as many tile and color-bond sheets need frequent coating. After selecting from a colour scheme, our experts will wipe several years off your property’s actual age. 

Timber staining

The timber on your building’s exterior deck area could lose its shine with time. Hiring an expert exterior painting service is the only way to get much-needed timber staining to your building. Reviving timber-fitted areas of your building’s exterior gets it a better appearance in record time.

Protective Coating

Coating outer surfaces with any kind of paint isn’t enough to preserve your building’s appearance. Our team will use cutting-edge coatings to make sure your property’s surfaces get the protection needed to last long.

Several parts of your building might be exposed to extreme weather by default. Also, some parts of your property’s exterior may need special painting or no coating at all. Proper shielding of vulnerable areas around your exterior is one of our most sought-after services. So, if you’ve got an outdoor sculpture or flooring that must not be painted, we’ve got you covered.

Decorative Exterior Painting

Areas around your property could require special paint coats to reveal your building’s beauty. We have a massive palette capable of satisfying needs from standard to outright fussy selections. Our team can provide every colour scheme you want on your property in record time.

Weatherboards Painting

Your weatherboard walls may not be getting enough attention, but that’s not if you contact WOW Painting Adelaide. Our experts will focus on maintaining the integrity of your building’s weatherboard panelling. You’re guaranteed a total overhaul of your outdoor space from our massive service list.

Exterior Painting Services – Speciality Field

Apart from handling a massive load of exterior painting projects, we offer special services too. Some of our most popular special services are:

Custom surface care

Exterior surfaces are made differently and consist of peculiar materials that need proper handling. Besides being a household name when it comes to painting standard exterior walls, we offer surface care for:

  • Aluminium siding
  • Eaves coating
  • Vinyl finishing
  • Fascia maintenance
  • Rooves, patio, railing, stucco, etc. maintenance services

All these custom surface maintenance services ensure all parts of your property gets a much-needed touch-up. You can’t afford to keep your delicate surfaces unattended. That’s why our team will keep your entire exterior spaces in pristine shape.

Maintenance projects for all surfaces

Storm damage, graffiti defacing, and other problems can cause your property’s outer appearance to decline. Expert services are a must if your building’s exterior is to return to its best shape. Our staff will swing into action to ensure your property’s appearance is restored, no matter the problem.

Expert Exterior Preparation

Preparing your building’s exterior for a professional finish requires expertise and attention to detail. Our expert painters from WOW Painting Adelaide will undergo the following processes before coating your building’s exterior:

  • Surface sanding
  • Flaking paint removal
  • Imperfection filling
  • Bare surface priming
  • Exterior power sanding, etc.

All these services ensure your building’s outer appearance can’t be any better. The outer finish of your property will last longer, and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Common Exterior Paint issue

Bubbling exterior

Some exterior surfaces could ‘bubble’ because of several reasons. Substandard paint, excess heat, humidity, and other factors could cause paint to lose its integrity on exterior surfaces. Restoration of your building’s exterior must happen quickly if your property needs to look spectacular once more.

Hiring an experienced exterior painting company in Adelaide will ensure your commercial, residential, or industrial space looks impeccable. Experienced painters from WOW Painting will use top-quality, weatherproof paint to keep your property’s exterior in premium shape for longer.

Flaking surfaces

A building’s exterior could start flaking within a matter of months if:

  • Fake paint is used for the exterior finish
  • Exterior surfaces come in constant contact with excess rain, humidity, or heat
  • Proper surface preparation wasn’t carried out before painting the building’s exterior, etc.

Flaking surfaces can damage the outlook of your building and ruin its appeal to visitors, clients, customers, etc. A seasoned exterior painting company like WOW Painting has all the tools and expertise to make your property’s surfaces flake-free.  

Multiple chipping spots

Chipping spots could damage the overall appeal of any building’s exterior. Worn-out weatherboards, man-made damage, and other factors could cause your many chipping spots to appear on your building’s exterior.

Waste no time when you see these spots; contact us for exterior painting immediately. You don’t want those chipping spots to permanently destroy your building’s exterior.  


Properties sited in busy areas or locations prone to vandalism might have to deal with defaced exteriors very often. Contact us to restore your exterior to its perfect state if you notice it’s been defaced. As an expert painting company in Adelaide we will ensure your building’s outer surfaces look brand new once more.

Colour choices

Did you just get a property and can’t stand the colour used for its exterior finish? You don’t have to look at that unpleasant colour again. As an expert exterior painting company, we can help you deliver the correct finish on your property in record time.

Adelaide Exterior Painters

Why Choose Us?

Detailed painting process

Our extensive painting process makes us tick even if we use regular brushes like other companies. A well-planned painting process is adopted to complete all jobs from our clients. All members of our team can guarantee you nothing but the best when it comes to painting your building’s exterior. 

We use quality paint

We’re your best choice if you’ve got to paint your new building’s exterior, or plan to touch up an old property. Experts from our team use the best coating to prolong the appearance and protective cover of your building’s exterior. Be sure that your building’s exterior will be covered with top-notch paint to retain its integrity and beautify your environment.

Our services are quite broad

Besides being a popular brand that offers exterior painting services, WOW Painting Adelaide provides full support for interior painting services for new, old, or renovated buildings. Our commercial painting solutions (brand updating painting support, weather protection, general services, etc.) make us stand out among the competition.

Affordable painting services

Some painting companies are quite notorious for hiding charges from their customers. Hiding actual quotes from customers dulls the experience clients should expect from a professional painting company. That’s why we offer honest, on-the-spot quotes to all our clients.

You can be sure of a fair price when our team assesses what’s needed to revive your property’s appearance.

Long guarantee period

A long guarantee period comes with all our painting jobs to ensure all customers have value for money. Trusting our team to deliver painting services that last for several years is easier with our standing guarantee.

WOW Exterior Painting Benefits

Surface protection

Coating outer surfaces with any kind of paint isn’t enough to preserve your building’s appearance. Our team will use cutting-edge coatings to make sure your property’s surfaces get the protection needed to last long.

Vast Colour Range

If you’ve got your eyes on picking a fantastic colour to paint your building’s outdoors, you need a complete selection. Our team at WOW Painting Adelaide will provide you a broad collection of the finest paints to coat your building’s exterior. We have paint products you can select from that offer different textures and colour depth.

Customers keen on taking professional advice before selecting colours for their exterior painting can trust our expertise. Recommendations from our staff will deliver you correct information to make an eye-catching selection.

Massive coating warranty

Our staff leverages the best gear to render your entire building’s exterior with long-warranty paint. Seasoned professionals on our team can get their rollers, brush, and spray painters in full swing to protect your building’s outdoors.

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Premium Exterior Painting Company Adelaide

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Trusted By 522,000+ Customers Past 15 Years

Trusted & Qualified Exterior Painting Services

At WOW painting we believe; a good relationship is built on trust and professionalism. As a client for you it is hard to trust a tradie with your home on their hand. Unfortunately, there are many “no name average Joe painters” out there who are painting a bad name for other painters.

As a local Adelaide business with 15 years of trading history, our goal is to provide Adelaideans with transparent, efficient and professional service. Check out some reasons why you should trust us to care for your buildings’ exterior:

Professional customer care services

Customer care support is vital to ensure all clients get total support and the best painting services on offer. That’s why our customer response team carries out their duties professionally to serve you better. Our teams are always at your service to give your building the care it needs.

Prompt responses

Some painting tasks must be done before things get out of hand. Such emergency painting jobs must be handled professionally to avoid further damage to your building’s appearance. At WOW Painting Adelaide, we can guarantee you total support to manage emergency painting jobs.

Contact us today, and we’ll be at your doorstep in Adelaide before you know it.

Give Your Exterior the Care It Needs. Get Expert Exterior Painting You Can Be Proud of Today!

Our expert teams of painters are always on hand to provide professional services towards restoring your property’s exterior.

Getting the best exterior painting service makes sure your property regains its outer appeal. And with the fantastic services we provide, you can be sure of excellent value for money. 

Get a quote today. Contact our team and we’ll be right at your doorstep to offer the best exterior painting service your property needs.

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Experienced staff

We have a skilled team of painters with decades of experience in offering superior painting solutions to industrial, residential, and commercial buildings. Our expert painters will swing into action to transform your buildings’ outer surfaces for the finest results.

Attention To Detail

Several painting companies fail to provide precision services to cater to the needs of detailed painting project. We guarantee all surfaces of your buildings’ exterior will be well taken care of to protect your properties’ integrity.

State-Of-The-Art Tools

Even if we’re a core ‘paint-and-brush’ company, our services are offered with support from cutting-edge painting solutions.
Our painters always employ the very best tools in restoring your buildings’ outdoor appearance. Surely, you’ll get total support from our painters to add a contemporary feel to your buildings’ exterior.

Trusted Professional Practices

All methods employed to cater to your buildings’ outer surfaces have been vetted and is trusted by expert painters. We will apply total care and professionalism to ensure your buildings’ exterior are always in impeccable shape.


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08 8245 2323
Do you paint render walls?

Yes, we paint all type of render and stucco walls

Do you fix mouldy fascia?

Yes, we can fix small mouldy fascia sections.

What paint do you use?

We use, Dulux premium Australian paint only.