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Strata Painting Adelaide

WOW Strata Painters Adelaide offers professional interior and exterior painting services for strata bodies. We are proud service provider for the Lightsview and Glenelg strata body cooperate. Our 100% commitment to your job is to achieve your satisfaction and build a reputation and relationship in with you.

Our team consists of fifty-three qualified, insured and certified painters. Our team can tackle any size of interior and exterior strata projects. Our job is completed with professionalism, quality, on time and on budget. Our works if backed with 5 years workmanship warranty.


  • Professional and excellence
  • On time and on budget
  • Able to accommodate any size of strata projects
  • maintain active communication strata committee and residents
  • Extensive Strata painting job portfolio
  • Good knowledge of strata laws & procedure
  • Adherence with O&HS

Complimentary service

  • Free covering and protecting all assets from paint
  • Free pressure wash cleaning
  • Free solid and liquid waste removals
  • Free revision and touch up of the job
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Best Strata Painters Adelaide

Top reasons strata painters are required

Before we get into how to identify and choose a great strata painter. Let’s talk about why and when you need a strata painter.

Strata building architecture are beautifully designed to attract many buyers. The buyers and seller’s decision can be hugely made on physical appearance and condition of the building. Unfortunately strata buildings look can deteriorate quickly if the regular maintenance is not carried out such us repainting of the exterior and interior of the building, issues can appears due to

  • Paint chipping and cracking
  • Extreme weather like burning hot, stormy, windy weather can  causing Wall deterioration
  • Graffiti artists target poorly maintained building with vandalise
  • Rusting iron
  • Cracked fascia
  • Water penetration

These issues not only put off potential buyers but might also raise concerns with current owner’s corporation.

A poor looking building also attracts many unwanted attention from criminals, thieves, and drug dealers. Just like Broken window theory, where a broken window causes people will stop passing by that building and slowly more windows are broken.

Wall Painting

Ceiling Painting

Doors & Windows

Roof Painting

Concrete Painting

Plastering & Caulking

Best Strata Painting Comapny

Choose with Confidence. Choose Quality.

Strata Painters Adelaide

WOW painting understands that strata painting project can be very complicated and lengthy process. Strata scheme have multiple parties involved such as  owners corporation or body corporate, strata managers, stake holders, executive committees, and property managers.

Strata manager or stake holders want to have 100% confident into the expertise of the painter they select for the strata building painting project. The strata painting project needs to be done on time, on budget, with 100% quality and professionalism to keep all strata committee, owners corporation and strata manager satisfied. 

Choosing the most qualified, professional, and experienced painters is crucial first step to a successful strata painting project completion. Strata manger when choosing a painting company would desire the following qualities in the strata painters;

  • Able to handle the sheer size of strata painting job
  • Able to maintain active communication throughout the project with strata committee
  • previous experience with strata projects/ Strata painting job
  • Understand the strata scheme structure, laws & procedure
  • Able to complete the job within specified timeline and set budget
  • Comply with O&HS
  • Comply with quality and standards requirements
  • Precise and detailed craftsman
  • Covered for public liability upto 20million

At WOW painting Adelaide we understand strata projects requires a completely different approach, preparation, and implementation. In residential project we have only 1 owner for decision making, who decides everything, in strata scheme our customer is over 100 owner’s corporation and 10 or so management staff.

Strat painting project are team effort. It starts with strata committee holding general meeting where they decide the project requirements e.g. colour, interior, exterior, areas to be covered specifically, deadline, and cost.  Then As a painter our goal is to take these requirements, inspect the building, prepare a proposal and pain the build exactly the strata committee requested.

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Strata Painting Services

Strata Interior Painting

The interior of the building defines the strata building. It where over hundreds of residents and their visitors walk in and see their loved ones, it where they call it home, where they bond and grow. The interior painting must give a cosy and welcoming impression to the residents and the visitors.

The typical interior painting job involved in strata painting.
• Interior strata painting job includes
• Building entrance and
• foyer
• Staircases, and common areas

Strata Painting Interior Projects
WOW Painting Adelaide can accommodate your interior strata painting project. We have extensive strata painting interior portfolio completed successfully and with high customers satisfaction, which speaks of our qualification and expertise.

strata interior painting
The interior painting of North Adelaide apartments, the paint perfectly complements the entire interior of the building. It is consistence with the secondary colour of brown and white, and brown grey carpet.
Exterior painting art at Bowdon is a great example of how painting can increase the aesthetic and market value of the strata building and whole neighbourhood. The above creative art painting on Park central strata building gives the vibe of young, trendy, lively and happening neighbourhood. Which perfectly describes Bowden.

Strata Painting Exterior

The exterior of the building is the reputation and pride of the owner’s corporations and the neighbourhood. As a strata manager you want strata building to stand out and create a positive impression to the resident living there and wow factor to the onlookers and neighbours. A quality and professional painting job make the strata building standout and uplift the aesthetic and value of it. It can also positively impact whole neighbourhood and vice versa.

In 2018, we had the pleasure of completing some of the most beautiful painting jobs in Bowden SA. We also learned a lot by working with industries leading painters, designers and architectures. Every strata building in Bowden is an example of a professional and quality paining job.
Strata Painting exterior project

Painting the exterior of strata building can be one of the most satisfying job for a painter but also a challenging job. The goal is to complete the project on time without any incident. WOW Painting take safety as number one priority.

In strata painting we understand exterior project require scaffolding and cranes to access the hard-to-reach parts of the building. Painters also will be using tools at great heights which needs to be secured. During the completion of the project, we understand members of the public and resident and families will be passing by the building to catch up with their activity of daily life.

WOW painting creates a safe work environment of our employees and the residents by strict O&HS policy adherence, safety sign displaying, dedicated safety officer in charge, communication with members of public and educating the residents of the project. We always advise resident to avoid hanging too close around the project site, talk their small belonging inside, and close their window.

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Strata Painting Company

Our Process

Proposal – Deadline and budget

Strata jobs are big and every big job should star with big planning. We assess your requirements, deadline, budget allocation and the building. We communicate closely with the strata committee, strata managers, and the owners corporations in the proposal stage and throughout the project.


Once the proposal is reviewed and approved by strata team. We will proceed with the preparation stage

  • Informing strata committee, what is going to happen, when and how
  • Consent from local council
  • Reviewing and planning safety plans
  • Ordering paints and tools
  • Contacting and planning scaffolding


The implementation or completing part of the project should be very straightforward. We have high confidence in our planning, preparation and our team expertise. On the day of the painting there should be no hiccups or delays. Everything will be carried our strategically according to the protocol.

Strata Painters in Adelaide

What to expect after job completion?

The project will be completed exactly as per your requirements, criteria and standards set in the contract. We have confidence in our team’s expertise, communication, planning and professionalism. 

We will invite you carry out a joint quality check of the strata painting, any issues we can fix it immediately without causing any delays.

We aim for your satisfaction and an invitation for long term professional relationship. We pride ourselves as best strata painters in Adelaide, and we work only work the bests.

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