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Painting Company Adelaide

Wow Painting Adelaide

WOW painters are the Uber of the painting industry, which is fast, reliable and on time. Our painters are ready to answer your calls and provide you with fair and fast quotations. As the largest painting SA painting company, we have teams ready to dispatch for your job all around Adelaide.

WOW Painters Adelaide has been proudly offering complete interior and exterior painting services since 2012. We specialise in all residential and commercial repaints. We don’t just paint, we add life, personality, and vibrance to your space and make it worthwhile. We have dedicated experts who listen to your demands and understand your desired outcome. We incorporate these demands and give you an excellent finish tailor-made for you.

No matter the type of painting you require, or the size of your building, we have capable hands and up-to-date equipment to get the job done. Don’t worry about us leaving a mess behind, that’s not part of our work ethics. We clean up after work because we are interested in preserving and protecting your property.

When you choose WOW Painters Adelaide, we guarantee clear and active communication from the very first call to the very finishing of your job.  Our pricing is transparent and fixed.  Our service comes with 5 years of warranty. You don’t pay until you are satisfied. You will have a dedicated project manager assigned to your job to ensure project start and finish on time.

The best part is we are always here to listen. Call us anytime on 08 8246 2902 and our office staff is ready to help you with any questions.

We pride ourselves as Adelaide’s number one choice of painting services. Since our inception in 2012, WOW Painters Adelaide has cultivated over 522,000+ happy customers and over 3000 projects completed successfully. Our goal is to make you come back for the great painting service that you deserve.

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Painting Services Adelaide

Adelaide’s Only Full Service Painting Company

WOW painting Adelaide, is the only company in Adelaide which offers complete range of painting services, whether be a simple one bedroom wall painting or protective coating of an industrial shipping container. We can paint any surface. click “Show more” to read about our painting services.

Residential Painting Services

Your residential building is your safe space and your go-to place when you are retiring for the day. It is where you build a family with your spouse, raise your kids and receive your guest. The last thing you want is for your home to look tattered due to faded and worn-out painting. Let us modify your residential interior and exterior with our professional painting services. Painting is just the starter on our menu. We also fix water-damaged walls, cracks and holes, wallpaper removal, roof tiles replacement and sealing. Do you have a specific painting question? Call us now

Body Corporate Painting Services

As a strata/body corporate services specialist company there are many benefits we offer, including instalment payments and fast quote delivery. Our dedicated strata and body corporate painting project manager will work with you (or your managers) from the planning stage to the completion of the project. We plan our services according to your schedule and we aim to avoid any disruptions. Furthermore, we employ top-notch workmanship because we place the safety of all building occupants as a priority. If you want to get a quote for your body corporate painting, contact us today and let’s get started.

Commercial Painting Services

We pride ourselves as Adelaide’s leading commercial painters. No matter the size of your organization, we have enough painters, equipment and the right industrial-grade paints to get the job done. Not to worry about our services interfering with your business, our trained professionals will get the job done in no time without compromising on quality. Every project guarantees above industry standard finish as well as rigorous safety and quality assurance process.

Interior Painters Adelaide

Wall Painters Adelaide

Noticing little chips in the paint around your home? Have your kids scribbled all over your walls? Or maybe your walls are covered with dirt and dust. Don’t fret! We understand that walls are major parts of every structure and the beauty of your walls contributes greatly to the overall aesthetics of your space. Wespecialise in painting your walls and transforming the entire look. We paint all types of walls such as bricks, gyprock, and concrete walls. We also fix holes & cracks as part of our preparation stage, leaving you with sleek and seamless walls.

Ceiling Painters Adelaide

Painting your ceiling is a job that needs skills and experience, if done properly, it can take your space to a whole new level. Ceiling painting involves choosing the right colours and designs and that’s what we do best. Let us help you choose the best paint colour to complement your walls and fixtures. We know the right colours and painting styles that will make your space appear bigger, higher, and cosier. Also, if any moulds and holes in your ceiling are causing imperfections, our professional painters can clean and fix them. We offer antibacterial paint for microbe-free ceilings.

Doors and Windows Painting Services

Doors and windows aren’t just for functional purposes. By simply painting your doors and windows with a new colour, we can update the look and character of your property. Also, our painting service can protect and enhance your door and window from insect attacks, and wear and tear. We will protect your frames by coating them with oil-based paint that will prolong their life span.

Kitchen TwoPack Painting

The kitchen is one room where you spend time preparing sumptuous meals for yourself and your loved ones. I bet you don’t want it to be as clean and inviting as possible. So are you tired of looking at the same old, greasy kitchen every day? Revamp your kitchen now by adding a fresh two-pack coating paint system and elevate the mood in your cooking space!  Our two-pack coating is resistant to scratch and peeling and offers a long-lasting solution. Contact us today and watch as we transform your kitchen with paint colours that’ll make your kitchen edges, panels, and countertops pop!

Bathroom Painting Services

Your bathroom paint may fall prey to throes of humidity, but your mood need not! The bathroom is known for producing dampness and moisture and as such, it’s prone to mould, and mildew. Your bathroom needs fresh coats of satin and semi-gloss paints to get rid of the moulds and make your bath walls easy to clean and maintain.

Call us today to fix any paint problems in the bathroom and amp up your pampering space!

Bedroom Painting Adelaide

The bedroom is your sanctuary and must look nothing short of it! The interior of your bedroom can improve your sleep and your overall mood. Whether you want a plain colour or you want your bedroom to be a bit more interesting, our wide range of paint shades and finishes will give you complete artistic freedom with painting your bedroom.

Exterior Painting Services

Concrete Epoxy and Painting

Over time, your concrete floor may get damaged as a result of moisture, chemicals, and other destructive elements. On the other hand, you may be bored and need a new look for your concrete floors. Whatever the case may be, WOW painting services have got you covered. With our anti-impact and crack paint coatings, all imperfections on your concrete floor will be concealed and your floor will be as good as new. Our epoxy paints are also antislip, making your floor smooth but safe to walk on even when wet. This guarantees safety and helps your building comply with the health and safety requirements for anti-slip workplace flooring. Also. because we are professionals who have your best interest at heart, we go the extra mile by including UV-resistant additives in our paint coatings to prevent degradation and make your money worth the while! Contact us for your concrete painting today and let us “WOW” you.

Roof Restoration Services

Your home’s protective shield deserves its own protective shield! Over time, debris and bird droppings can deface and weaken your roof. However, this doesn’t mean that you will change your roof as that can be expensive, tasking, and time-consuming. In fact, what you need is a roof restoration service from us. Our service can breathe new life into your roof and extend its lifespan to twenty years. We offer Australian standard weather-resistant, high-quality, premium exterior paints. These paints guarantee complete weather protection for years.

Fence Painting

Your fence is the first structure people come across when looking at or accessing your property. A well-painted fence will send the picture that your building is neat and well-maintained. Do you want your fence to be the envy of the entire neighbourhood? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We offer premium Dulux weather shield paint for high durability and protection of your fence against harsh Australian weather, protecting your fence from rust, chipping, and other weather damages.

Exterior Wall Painting

Let’s face it, people do judge the book by its cover. Your exterior walls are the cover of your house and they need to be in the best condition possible. Quality paint is needed to cover dust, protect your walls from harsh weather conditions and enhance the curb appeal. Do you want to increase your building’s real estate value and provide longer-lasting siding? Let us paint your exterior house wall with a modern clean colour to make your house stand out and sell FAST.

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Ceiling Painting

Doors & Windows

Concrete Painting

Plastering & Caulking

Best Painting Company Adelaide

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Painting Projects Adelaide

Our Residential & Commercial Projects


Top Painters Adelaide

The Uber of Painting Industry

At WOW painting we are redefining the painting industry. Painting services are one of the most used labour services by the consumers compared to other trades e.g. plumbing or electrician. Therefore, we are streamlining the whole process of booking, inspection, quotation and the job itself. Forget the average “Joe painting services” where no calls are answered, quotes are just indication not a final price and the paint is food colouring liquid.


Our motto is to make our painting services accessible to as many people as possible at the most affordable rates! We offer fair and affordable price. Affordable does not mean cheap, if you want cheap price please get a random handyman.

Dulux Painting Services

Our teams at WOW are fully trained painters: seasoned for interior and exterior Dulux painting services. Our painters are also qualified in the usage of a range of other premium paints. In short, whatever your requirements are – we’ll have the right solution for you.

Punctual & Reliable Painters

Our promise of punctuality remains as sure as the sun’s rising. Any unexpected delays to your painting service can be met with extra manpower being called in for support to ensure you don’t face any issues.

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Free Onsite Inspection

We offer a free colour and price quotation. On the day of your house inspection, we asses your property of painting estimation. You can also ask us any questions such as your painting process, our paint type and warranty.

5 Years Warranty

The WOW Painters brand prioritises quality assurance and keeping our promises over all else. Every painting service comes with a 5 years workmanship warranty. Poor quality of paint or workmanship have zero tolerance here at WOW Painters Adelaide.

Upfront Pricing

We are a family-run painting service company in Adelaide that believes in honest and ethical business. We offer 100% transparent pricing. The written quote price you receive on day one is the price your will pay at the end of the job. No surprise bills or fairy-tale of lies.

High-Quality Painting

We take quality assurance very seriously. If you find any compromise on quality from our end, you will not be required to pay for the service. Yes, that’s how serious we are about our painting service quality and clients. We guarantee premium workmanship and paint.


Most Asked Question.

You can also calls us and ask questions now.

08 8245 2323
Do you provide painting services Adelaide wide?

Yes, WOW Painters Adelaide provides painting services Adelaide Wide. This includes our favourite suburbs Toorak Gardens, Unley Park, College Park, Malvern, Fitzroy, Medindie, Millswood, Dulwich, Kingswood, Ashton, St Peters, Tennyson, Walkerville, Hackney, Hazelwood Park, Royston Park, Beaumont, Kensington Gardens, Springfield, and Kensington Park.

Do you charge per hour or per job for painting services?

We always recommend charging per job as it ends up being much cheaper service, compared to hourly rate.

Do you do half-finished painting jobs?

Unfortunately, WOW Painters do not take unfinished painting projects. Whether it is your unfinished DIY or another painters left over mess. Our painters would not go and fix someone else’s mess. Quality assurance is one of our core values and we do not want to be part of a job that is not planned and started by us.

Is your quotation free of charge?

Yes, we attend your property for inspection to prepare a quote at free of charge. The process of inspecting your property allows us to prepare a fair and accurate quote. We DO NOT quote based on photos; however, we are happy to attend an inspection at free of cost.

Do you service [my area] in Adelaide?

Yes, we service Adelaide wide. We have a dedicated team of painters for your suburb and it nearby. If you live in Adelaide then yes we can provide you with our painting service.

How soon can you start?

This is always a hard question to answer. Generally, we have a number of painting jobs booked beforehand. However, depending on your painting job size and type we can always workout something for you.

How cheap can you do it?

Our painting services are affordable but not cheap. We believe “you get it done cheap; you get it done twice”. If you want cheap painters, please don’t waste our time, painting is an art and our painters spent years to master their art. If you don’t value a good painting job then you are not respecting our art.

Do you guys do garage floor painting services?

Yes, we offer Epoxy protective painting for garage floors. Epoxy is not a paint but a polyurethane substance which can be tinted. Yes, we can sprinkle those magical flakes on it too.