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How To Find the Best House Painters in Adelaide

  • By Admin
  • 27/03/2023

Summertime brings out the most vivid colors in nature. It would be great if we could enjoy the same vibrant colors when we get into our houses. Literally anyone with an arm, some paint and a ladder could paint our homes but would they replicate the perfection in nature? Here’s where professional painters come in. It can be difficult to find the best home painters in Adelaide if you’re not familiar with the local contractor market.

Here’s a guide that covers all you need to know about choosing the best house painter in Adelaide. After reading you will have learned how you can avoid the common mistakes first-timers make and how you can find the absolute best painters for your house. We’ll go from research and recommendations to prices and contracts. So let’s get going!

Research the best House Painters in Adelaide

Doing your research is the first step in locating a reliable house painter in Adelaide. To get you started, consider these recommendations:

1.   Check online ratings and reviews

A smart way to confirm the quality of a painter’s work and level of customer service is to read online reviews and ratings. Search for painters that have received positive reviews on websites like Google or Facebook and read the testimonials to learn more about their prior customers’ experiences.

2.   Get referrals from family and friends

One of the best methods to identify reputable service providers is still by word of mouth. Get suggestions from friends, family, or neighbors who have recently had their homes painted, and compile a list of the names and contact details of the painters they hired.

3.   Verify their accreditations and Trade Associations

A list of certified painters in Adelaide can be obtained from trade organizations like Master Painters Australia (MPA) or the Housing Industry Association (HIA). A painter who has earned accreditation has proven their ability and professionalism, as well as their dedication to lifelong learning.

Getting quotes from House Painters in Adelaide

Once you have a list of potential house painters in Adelaide, the next step is to get quotes from them. Here’s how:

1.   Provide necessary details about your project

You must give the painter ample information about your project, like the scale of the work, the kind of paint you want to use, and any particular requirements or challenges that can help you get best results and more so in order to get an accurate quote.

2.   Ask for a written quote

An exact breakdown of the costs, including labor, materials, and any additional charges like travel or equipment rental, should be included in a written quote. Make sure you understand the quote and ask the painter to clarify any terms you aren’t completely sure.

3.   Compare quotes and make a decision

Once you get a number of quotes, compare them side by side and scan them for any notable differences or warning signs. Keep in mind that the lowest estimate might not always be the best option because it might signify inexperience or the use of subpar materials. Choose a painter that provides a reasonable pricing and has a track record of producing verifiable high-quality work.

Hiring a House Painter in Adelaide

Once you’ve selected a painter, it’s time to make the decision official. Here’s how you go about it;

1.   Set up a contract

Make sure you have a contract before your painter starts working on your project. It should spell out all the important facts and figures of the project like what they’re painting, when they’re to finish, how much you’re willing to pay, and anything else that’s relevant to both parties. Before signing, carefully read the contract and all of its terms, you don’t want anything slipping away in the fine print.

2.   Get your house ready for painting

It’s important to prepare your house before the painters arrive to ensure a smooth painting process. Cleaning the surfaces to be painted, moving any furniture or décor that might be in the way, and covering floors and other surfaces to prevent paint splatters are a few examples of what this might entail.

3.   Communicate with your painter

If you want your painting project to turn out great, it’s super important to talk to your painter and keep the communication flowing. If you have any concerns or further questions for your painter, don’t be shy about it. Remember we want to be on the same page and get a final outcome you’re both happy with.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a reputable and competent home painter in Adelaide. You can guarantee the success of your project by conducting thorough research, obtaining quotations, and maintaining open communication with your painter. Make sure to pick a painter with a solid track record for doing high-quality work at a fair price, and don’t be shy about asking for references or pictures of prior jobs. Keep these in mind and your home will have that fresh new look in no time.

At WOW Painting Adelaide we make process of getting quote a breeze. A fast, accurate and fair quote is the first step to get your long-waited painting project rolling. Our quotes come with complete details of the work order and process expectation. A clear guide is also included in terms of how to processed to next step. If unsure, please check out our painting in Adelaide process here.

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